The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain is the organisation to which all Photographic Federations belong.  I belong to Winchester Photographic Society which is a member of the Southern Federation.  There are three awards - Credit, Distinction and Master.  This is my entry for the Distinction.  To qualify for entry, you have to be an active club photographer for at least 3 years and have supported club and federation events and competitions.

The adjudication is carried out by 6 judges.  The pictures are shown and judged in random order.  Images are given marks out of 20 and a total score of 300 is required to gain the award.  My score was 319.  If you hold the cursor over the image, the title and the score is shown.

ARPS Panel

This is my panel of 15 pictures with which I gained my Associateship with the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain in June 2010 in the Visual Art category.  My Statement of Intent was as follows:

In my photography I try to capture the mood of a place by concentrating on colours and textures without showing the wider landscape. This panel is my depiction of medieval hilltop villages in the Rieti province of Italy. My intention was to capture the range of subtle tones and intimate details to give an impression of the timeless atmosphere found in these ancient villages. I photographed throughout the day to respond to the changing light and the different effects it has on shadows and colours. 

The pictures were taken on holiday at Collevecchio, a hilltop village in the region of Lazio, the province of Rieti, close to the border with Umbria.  Most were taken in Collevecchio itself.