Panels and Themes

The galleries in this portfolio are of panels of pictures on a specific subject or theme, some of them completed as challenges for the Panels Group of Winchester Photographic Society.

The Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

Ever since this building was opened in 1997, I have wanted to photograph it and I finally achieved that ambition in 2010.  It was designed by my favourite architect, Frank Gehry, and its construction would not have been possible without the aid of computers.

The building flows along the river bank and its sinuous curves are clad in titanium, glass and limestone, to catch the light. Its completion consolidated the rejuvenation of Bilbao in the Basque country of Spain, and the building attracts millions of visitors every year. The building has 19 galleries and the Solomon R Guggenheim Foundation funds the exhibitions.

The panel shown in the last picture was presented to Winchester Photographic Society at the Panels Group Presentation Evening on 1st November 2011.

The National Museum of Australia, Canberra

These are pictures of the National Museum in Canberra which opened in 2001. It was designed by Australian architect Howard Raggatt and everything about its construction is symbolic. Its purpose is to preserve and interpret Australia's social history, exploring the key issues, peoples and events that have shaped the nation.  

The panel was presented to Winchester Photographic Society at the Panels Group Presentation on 6th November 2012.

Paua Shell

Having spent my childhood in New Zealand, I have always loved the paua shell because of its beautiful colours.  These pictures are macro shots to show the diversity of the blues, greens and pinks.

Northumberland Rocks

This is a selection of rock pictures which I took on my first photographic workshop with Iain McGowan amd Hugh Milsom in Northumberland in November 2005.

We visited many beaches including Cresswell, Lynmouth Beach, New Biggin-by-the-sea, Bamburgh Castle, Craster, Dunstanburgh Castle and Spital. Spital was the beach which had the greatest variety of colour in the rocks, some of which get covered with sand and it also has interesting cliffs. 

The pictured titled "Zebra Rocks" was printed as a canvas and won a £300 prize for the best photograph showing the Textures and Colours of Nature in the Hilliers Gardens Photographic Exhibition in February 2010.

Trees through the Seasons

I discovered these two trees (and the third one in the distance) on a country walk around the farms of Northington in Hampshire and decided to photograph the same two (or three!) trees through the different seasons and in different years. This was again a panel which I produced for the Panels Group but it is ongoing as the crop in the field is rotated every year. Maybe one year they will plough and leave it fallow so it can fill up with poppies!


This project on water was begun for a monthly competition of Movement for an on-line group, f/9, to which I belonged but is no longer in operation.  There were originally 9 members and we had challenges every month for a couple of years.  

Most of these pictures were taken on one morning on the River Arle near Alresford.  I had to have the assistance of my husband who patiently threw pebbles into the water so I could try and catch the splash and resulting ripples!

The first picture I call my "Monet" and I use this for my banners on websites and for my business cards.


Jubilee Sculpture

This panel of pictures was made for a challenge set by the Panels Group of Winchester Photographic Society for the subject Grab a Fraction. I interpreted this to mean small parts of a whole - hence detail shots of the sculpture to give an impression of the whole. The sculpture is by Rachel Fenner, a local sculptor, and was opened by HRH The Queen on 21st November 2003. The sculpture is inspired by Winchester's Castle and Cathedral and Hampshire's rich natural resources.