The National Museum.1
The main building which is in the centre of a symbolic knot of trailing ropes extending from the building.
National Museum.2
The entrance.
National Museum.3
The "curl" is part of the Uluru walkway which winds like the Rainbow Serpent in the Aboriginal Dreamtime story of how the land was created.
The Garden of Australian Dreams
The concrete garden represents a highly stylised map of a slice of central Australia. The word "home" is repeated in 100 different languages.
The Australian Studies Building
Its full title is the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
National Museum.6
National Museum.7
National Museum.8
National Museum.9
National Museum.10
The Surveyors
These represent the way in which surveyors and explorers have determined our understanding of the Australian landscape.
National Museum.12
National Museum.13
National Museum.14
National Museum.15
The gum trees are a reminder of the bush, the archetypal Australian landscape.
Layout of Panel
The Panel I presented at the Winchester Photographic Society Panels Group Evening on 2nd November 2012.