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On 1st February I flew out to India with a group of 10 other photographers led by professional photographer Paul Sansome.  The trip was called The Colours of Rajasthan and was the realisation of a long held ambition to visit India again after travelling from Calcutta through to Pakistan in 1968, as part of an overland trip from Australia to England.  This trip took twenty days and visited Delhi, Patan, Jaipur, Khimsar, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Agra, taking in a cattle fair and a desert festival.  More details are on the page About India.  

This is the third slide show of India (the other 2 are under India Galleries).  These pictures were taken on a visit to see local crafts in Jaipur.  There are a couple of pictures taken in a weaving/block printing shop but the majority of them are taken in a paper-making factory.  The paper they make is what we see in our shops here - soft paper with petals or glitter embedded in them.  They also make cardboard trinket boxes, wrapping paper, writing paper and those decorative bags we use for presents. You will see the men are applying the glue to make the boxes with their bare fingers.  The picture of the man holding a pack of paper is showing that the label on it is for Tesco!  All the pictures are as they came out of the camera with a few tweaks or cropping in Light Room.

The first two slide shows are under Indian Galleries on the top tool bar.

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