If you have enjoyed looking at my pictures, you can follow my latest project called "Pictures from my  iPhone" on  I bought an iPhone 5 just before Christmas and I have found the camera on it to be excellent.

The learning curve on the iPhone has been a steep one as it is so different to a proper camera and I have had countless pictures of my fingers, my feet and unwanted videos!  It's the versatility of the iPhone that I like because you always have it with you.

The aps you can download for editing are wondrous!  I have spent hours just playing around with a picture and seeing all the different effects.  One of my favourites is the Drama filter on Snapseed - what it does to a good sky is amazing!

I enjoy writing a blog as it acts as a diary although I mainly use it for photographic and art events rather than a personal record of what happens in my day.  The new blog took over from one that I started on 23rd January 2011 and you can read this at 

Both blogs have now finished and I had hoped to set up one for India but in the event this was not possible - no internet access in many places and not enough time!

I would be interested to hear any comments or suggestions you may have on this web site, so please send me an email through the Contact Anne Ruffell page.

Thank you for looking in!

31st March 2014